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8821 Black


1. Upper case:metal, down case: ABS white injection

2. Keycap:double-color plastic injection

3. Kailh blue switches+double-side PCB board

4. Cable:four pure copper wires  with magnetic ring, 1.8M, black PVC cable , 2 gold plating USB interface

5. Android,  iphone4,  iphone6 multifuctional charging plug

6. 19 buttons anti-ghosting(we can do 26 or all buttons anti-ghosting if needed)

7. LED illumination in one color

8. Logo: transparent injection+painting+laser engraving+UV painting(lighting)

9. 8 multi-media bottons

10. Blue LED indicator light


1. Android, iphone4, iphone6 multifuctional charging plug, more convient for consumers to charge their phone    

2. Use Kailh switches, ensure the sense of touch, lifetime up to 50 million times

Size: 448*223*45mm

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