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8820 Gold


1.Upper case and hand rest:acrylic (1+1PCS)

2.Down case: Plastic ABS—Grey injection, ABS 15A1 and black stand

3.Middle plate:Plastic ABS—transparent injection

4.Keycaps:Transparent injection, painting, laser engraving, UV painting                  

5.Magic switch: PC switch + POM cover

6.Cable: four pure copper wires  with magnetic ring,  1.8M,  black PVC cable , gold plating USB interface

7.Light conducting plate, backlight paper, silver paper and PCB plate

8.19 buttons anti-ghosting and conducting membrane (we can do 26 or all buttons anti-ghosting if needed)

9.Changeable rainbow light(do not supply patent)

10.Blue LED indicator light


1. Changeable crystal case                      

2. Detachable magic switch                        

3.Waterproof design

Size: 467*220*45mm 

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