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8811 Gold


1.Upper case:Metal

2.down case:ABS black injection

3.Keycap:Transparent injection+painting+laser engraving+UV painting

4.Magic switch:PC switch+POM cover

5.Cable:four pure copper wires  with magnetic ring, 1.8M, black PVC cable , gold plating USB interface

6.Light conducting plate, backlight paper,  silver paper and PCB plate

7.19 buttons anti-ghosting and conducting membrane (we can do 26 or all buttons anti-ghosting if needed)

8. LED Illumination in 1 color/3 colors/rainbow light.(according to your need)

9.LOGO:Transparent injection+painting+laser engraving+UV painting(lighting)

10.8 multi-media bottons

11.Blue LED indicator light


1. Backlit gaming keyboard,  seven color backlit           

2. 19 buttons anti-ghosting                 

3. Backlit keycaps and middle plate                      

4. Brightness of backlit and sound can be adjusted by the knob

5. Eight multimedia buttons                   

6. UV painting keycaps

7. Metal upper case and hand wraist                    

8. Lighting logo

Size: 475*240*44mm

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