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W8810 Black


1.Upper and down case: ABS Black injection

2.Keycap: ABS black/white injection+laser engraving

3.Cable:four pure copper wires  with magnetic ring L=1.8M, black PVC cable,  nickel plating USB interface

4.Light conducting plate, backlight paper,  silver paper and PCB plate

5.19 buttons anti-ghosting and conducting membrane (we can do 26 or all buttons anti-ghosting if needed)

6.Blue LED indicator light


1. Backlit gaming keyboard,  sigle color backlit,  three color backlit,   rainbow color backlit available                    

2.19 buttons anti-ghosting     

3. Six multimedia buttons 

4. Backlit keycaps and middle plate,  UV painting keyboard     

5. Gaming shape

Size: 475*190*33mm
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